Monday, 12 March 2012

Stupid mistake :(

I was really fed up today, for a variety of reasons, and too distracted to do something. 
Anything could happen, which means there’s a horrifying possibility of it all going WRONG.
 So I decided to go for a walk, or at least having a cup of milo in the evening. hurm
Yup, it’s totally normal. But, still I wasn’t clear myself really.
 I’m sure I will use some of what I’ve already experiences.
 It feels really awful to remember something I know isn’t right to think about.
 It feels equally awful, if not worse, to look at something that 
I remember and thought at the time was right, and to realise now that 
it actually sucks. But those awful feelings are there for a reason. 
It’s because I made the mistake, and now I’ve learned from it,
 so yeah, I can make it better. And I will make mistakes. I have to. 
It might make me feel better, though, to know that those mistakes are necessary.

This is the last.
So I’m feeling a little bit sorry for myself.
feel like crying oh no!! :'(

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