Wednesday, 2 November 2011

November! WOW what a month love it!

Goodbye to October AND Hello to the fresh beginning of  November.
Where are the days going to? it feels as if my feet haven’t touched
the ground for the past few weeks..time sure flies.
This week is going to be mental. It's time
to knuckle down to some serious work after this.
I'm doing a lot of thinking about a lot of things at the moment, although 
some days I don't feel like I'm getting very far with any of it!
Anyway I'm feeling ill at the mo. I've got a bad throat and flu.
Well i think enough already i’ve gorged on the web and it
has to stop i want to end my addiction and go back to real life.
I think I might not join any contest and segment anymore afterwards.
I'll just make a post about what's going on at the moment now.
Otherwise I'm most likely  going to post something useful and important only.

p.s. So today let's make a very special dua
for those people going through
 difficult times. Life can be stressful
and we all worry about different things,
jobs, family, marriage, money etc.
 Allah tests those whom He loves.
 It's how we deal with things that
are important. I pray Allah makes it easy for me
and also for you. Amin


Miss Dolce and Gabbana said...

That is pretty good for you darling.Back to reality and just sharing the memorable moment that will became a history part of our life.Same goes with me seminggu tak berblog rasanya macam i don't care anymore.There's a lot of thing that i need to learn in the reality world.ahaha

Hermin said...

Occasionally, I realise i spend too much time on blogsphere...and i think i should stop now and back to the real life...
i've meet with lot of fantastic people here and i get
so inspired by others bloggers
and they really makes me want to drop everything and write...konon xnak tulis benda mengarut habiskan masa dkt sini tgok2 tulis that's the problem i don't know how to control myself...anyway thanks for ur comments hun...

Zamri A. said...

Got sore throat n flu? Get well soon!
Nway, blogging should be aken as a fun n leisure thing to do instead of thinking it as a chore. We need to get back to real life all the times, not just becoz it IS the life, but to get inspired too. Why stop writing if u think what you write can entertain other people out there, right? ^___^

Anonymous said...

get well soon dear.. :)

Hermin said...

thank u! :D

Hermin said...

i feel much better now..thank u...
i'll keep writing of's one's of my activities/hobbies on my spare time...and i've learnt many new things here...i just want to control myself from wasting too much time here joining a lot of contest and segment that's it...:D

Azham Vosovic said...

Great collection of pictures you have here ;)

Hermin said...

thank u!:)