Sunday, 15 April 2012

She just really inspires me...=)

"Back then, we struggled thinking we have to be the best student to be a doctor.. but looking back, what really takes to be a good doctor besides knowledge is the attitude. Attitude plays a huge role.. You can be the best student in your class but without the right attitude and caring heart towards your patients.. You’re just another doctor.  "
"These people, it’s not their choice to be sick.. but you chose to be a doctor. Treat them nicely…"
Such simple and wise advice from one of the people I admire the most! Eventhough I'm not a medical student but for me attitude is one of the most important assets that everyone should have...attitude is a quality similar to must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all. We can't see it, but electricity exists! Same with attitude... we can see the effects...but other than that..they are invisible. AND I'm so sure with this values it will bring more love, joy, happiness, excitement, calmness, serenity, pleasantries,
and so on into our life......isn't it great if we can make someone smile and brighten their whole day with our great attitude??  :)
Take a moment and think about it...=D


cha zainol said...

but you choose to be a doctor. nice :)

Hermin said...

kannnn......nice sangat^^