Sunday, 13 November 2011

Congratulation Malaysia!!

 Kejohanan Hoki Antarabangsa Bawah 21 Tahun Piala Sultan Johor 2011 


Final score Malaysia 3-2 OZ with fantastic golden gol!!
We're so excited and so proud.
Fingers crossed well done Malaysia!! Keep it up!


apple damein said...

i dnt know why im askin u this question but is it really true that snake do not exist in NZ after 15-20 million years ago??

Hermin said...

I'm not sure...never heard about it...ur question really fascinated me I'll try to find out about it...

apple damein said...

thank you! huhuhu

Hermin said...

I found it already...yes it's so true there are no snakes in's because...( I copy this information from a website)

When New Zealand broke away from Australia and South America both snakes and mammals were already widespread groups of animals, so New Zealand almost certainly started its life with numerous species of snakes and mammals. However none exist there today.

Why? Because over the eons New Zealand has repeatedly been reduced to just a few scattered islands when sea levels rose during warm periods, and then covered in glaciers during the ice ages. All of that disturbance made it impossible for snakes or mammals to survive. Snakes simply don't handle cold conditions too well. Mammals OTOH have such high energy demands that they have difficulty surviving on small, cold islands.

So New Zeland lack snakes for the same reason.. snakes can't handle ice age glaciers.

Pocket said...

congratulation malaysia for last nite, gold medal for soccer hoyeah!

although you were posting about Hoki,
but here i am congratulating about soccer :D

Hermin said...

Whoah!!!!!!! congratulation too!!