Saturday, 12 November 2011

F-F-Y (-.-")v

I'm so sorry I've been so bad at posting anything.
Oh My God. I'm ginger and this heat... flippin' heck.
After a week of being ill, it's been back to roller coaster 
and it's been so busy. Horrible.  Anyway I've so much to tell
and so little time. Feeling very sorry for myself. 
Today feels like a good times and the weather is great too.
So I'll blog more today!

Well I guess this week is going to be utter mess or should
I say in this three years it's going to be so utter mess?  >.< 
Psychogenic abdominal pain this is what I feel right now. 
There's something out there that really make me
extremely nervous but I can't blog about.
So tell me what does your world look like out the window right now?

p.s. wishing you such a day every day of your life  8-)


Miss Dolce and Gabbana said...

Salam and how are you today dear.Feeling better now.Hidup saya masih dengan ruti harian yang sama.Tak tahu macam mana nak ubah.Gementar jugak sebab tinggal minggu ini sahaja lagi saya bercuti dan akan menghabiskan sisa-sia cuti saya.Next week dah masuk kampus and it will be my last year with my coursemate. :(

Hermin said...

I feel good! thank you...
Good luck to you...just be happy :)

Pocket said...

my world looks dark with a few lights from the road up front. ohh..
if only i can go to that light instead.. hope this life would be brighter :D

hey hey!! wanna blog about something
but cant? i know the feeling :)
make u wanna make a blog
just for the secret kan :)