Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ohh please!!!

Is there someone that can give me money for free? :D
I'm dying to get an iPad. 
I myself am still a student so it's quite expensive for me i guess.
iPad is way too cool to own. I crazily want it!!
And it's applications are so cool..But I don't know
how much are they worth...What say you anyway? Please share!


OMG the MV's just so wow!!!


emy|farid said...

nah nah DUIT ni, beli ipad ye, hehe :)

apple damein said...

okay, agree..ipad mmg tempting giler..

Hermin said...

xkira mesti dptkan iPad juga...:)

Zamri A. said...

iPad is awesome! Been having it for more than 6 months now...truly can't live without it. Absolute worth it! :)