Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I miss the beach!

I miss falling sleep to the sound of your waves.
I miss your warm wind. I miss listening to the surf in 
a palm-size iridescent shell. I miss the
tangy salt taste of the air. I miss making castles with 
moats that take hours to construct.
I miss everything about you my dear beach. 
I want to go to the seaside watch the 
ebbing tide and walk along the beach!

There is nothing more perfect than to watch the sunset 
over the ocean. The patterns and vibrancy of colors,
which the last rays of the evening sun leave across the water, 
are spectacular and breathtaking to view. 
I wish I can hit up the beach someday. Maybe on
my semester break. So who'll come with me?


OMG I love this song :D

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