Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hambar dan bosan.

Bosan dan hambar! that's it.
How did your weekend go?!! 
Did you do anything worthy?


Pocket said...

went to work!
Overtime where the company paid extra money for every hours i spent in the company.

finished a few story to post in my blog :)

apple damein said...

i did my revision, i did my workout, i did practice new recipes, i did share and talk a lot with people and parents..above all lastly, everyday i woke up and i feel grateful cuz god gave the the opportunity for me to live and explore his creation while im still alive..

i think i hve done something worth to myself..

does your weekend looks like lazy song - bruno mars?

Hermin said...

at least u have something to do on the weekends...but i do unproductive...huuu :/

Hermin said...

apple damein : well i guess so haha...
-today i don't feel like to do anything-

wow i wish i can do something worth too...thanks for sharing anyway :)

cha zainol said...

balik kg. ooo balik kg.

Hermin said...

balik kg!! have a safe journey dear :)