Monday, 10 October 2011

Being perfect may be impossible, but being better is always worth the try.

The one thing I always keep in mind is to learn the lesson.
when you don’t learn the lesson the first time around,
life and history has a way of repeating itself until you do.
To me, life is a constant stream of lessons and we either 
choose to learn the easy way or the hard way. I
don't judge people even when I hate what they do,
I try to understand them and learn from their mistakes.
otherwise the easy lessons are, the ones we learn from 
each other. The hard ones are those you have to learn 
and experience yourself, so that you too can impart your
knowledge and wisdom to others. And such is life. 
We have and make choices and our choices determine
favourable or disastrous outcomes (and everything in between), 
and we have to take responsibility for that. Take responsibility 
and ownership of your life, your decisions, your actions…
and the consequences that follow because at the 
end of the day, You will be held accountable, no one else.




apple damein said...

thanks for writing this..nway for me, only perfect practice gains perfect result..

Kujie said...

cat bus....