Saturday, 24 September 2011

This time of year I want to....

change myself become real
become stronger
become beautiful inside
and become passionate about everythin.
find out who i am who i want to be
become more confident about myself.
laugh more.
be able to not take any blessing for granted.
how God chose you to have these blessings
when you are so undeserving
don't judge people by their appearance
or their voice or their laugh
or their IQ. don't judge people
make something beautiful
something i really want to keep
and give it to someone
who isn't given gifts often
and smile.
stop refreshing the blogger dashboard
checking my email
and do something
have photo shoots with my friends
and laugh until we cry.haha
care less about what people think about you
and don't be afraid
be a friend to people who dislike you
and don't belittle them
or come up with something really mean to say
to their insult to you.
and don't get angry at people lol...

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